Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ /// Frequently Asked Questions

Are your straps really 100 % handcrafted?

Yes, our straps as well as every product of Mays-Berlin are fully handcrafted. We even do the suture holes and the stitching ourselves by using classic saddle tools. This way we are able to ensure our high quality standard.

We guarantee that you purchase a fully handcrafted product even in our Basic Collection!

Do you also use exotic leather, such as snake or alligator/crocodile, for your straps?

Yes, we do. You can also find crocodile-, ostrich- and shark leather straps in our portfolio.

We only use the best raw materials available to guarantee a high quality product. All the crocodile straps we offer are made of skins which have CITES-Certificates available. All the skins comply with the laws of the Washington Convention to ensure the protection of the crocodile species.

What kind of information do you need for making the strap?

This illustration shows all the data we need to produce a custom-made watchstrap for your wrist and watch. If you need any help during the ordering process simply click on the tab "Help - How to order?" or watch our "Tutorial - Videos". You can find the information by clicking on any product.

How long is the delivery time?

The approximate lead time is between 4 – 6 weeks.

Is it possible for me to track my order?

Yes, you can track your order on the website of the Deutsche Post by using a tracking number. For international orders, however, it is not totally possible as the tracking number is only valid within the country where the delivery is sent from.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via bank transfer or Paypal. Just make sure to coordinate your preferred method of payment with us.

Which strap measure is right for me?

In this case, there is no right answer as the strap measure depends on the taste and preference of the wearer. Generally speaking, however, our vintage straps should be ordered in oversize. The following table may be used as a reference. However, we would like to point out that we offer no warranty for a perfect strap fitting! The table should merely be used as a reference!

Reference table:

15 – 16 cm Wrist = 115/75
16 – 17 cm Wrist = 125/75
17 – 18 cm Wrist = 130/80
18 – 19 cm Wrist = 135/80
19 – 20 cm Wrist = 140/80
20 – 21 cm Wrist = 145/80

Do I have the right to return the product?

Since all our straps are customized and uniquely created for each individual customer, we cannot offer any revocation and refund. Please be aware of this before you place your order with us.

For bolted clasps, however, you do have a right to return as they are “normal” products.

Is it possible to get discounts?

Our prices are fixed, unfortunetly we can no offer you any discounts, besides our promotions usually two times a year.

I have my own sewn-in buckle which I would like to be sewn into my strap. Is this possible?

Yes, of course! Just get in touch with us and we will send you our address. Do not just send the buckle to the address written in the imprint!

Can I also purchase your products on account?

No, all our products have to be paid for in advance.

Date (01/2016)