About us

The team of ‘Mays-Berlin’ consists of only two people. We are a young couple from Berlin and decided to found ‘Mays-Berlin’ after we have received so much positive feedback from watch enthusiasts, who are just as interested in mechanical watches as we are (especially in the brand Panerai).

The technical skills of ‘Mays-Berlin’ are based on the study of restauration as well as a number of internships in that field. The fascination of manually producing vintage straps with classical tools comes from the individuality of those products. By using a variety of stylistic elements that can be found on old straps, we try to keep up the historical connection. However, it is also our goal to produce a comfortable strap with a modern touch.


The name “Mays-Berlin”

The company name is derived from the name “Mays” and the city we live and produce in, which combined results in “Mays-Berlin”.



The logo of ‘Mays-Berlin’ is an emblem; on the one side, the letters ‘M’ and ‘A’ are depicted, and on the other side two stylized lilies. ‘M’ and ‘A’ stand Mays and Anna, our names. One lily is a reference to the brand Panerai, since lilies can also be found on the emblem of the city of Florence, Panerai’s hometown. The second lily represents the borough of Wilmersdorf in Berlin , which also has stylised lilies in its emblem and where both of us have been raised.