How a 1:1 Vintage Panerai strap is made!

This video shows in 99 seconds how we create a 1:1 copy of a vintage panerai strap out of a over 50 year old garment bag!

Typical for the old vintage straps mounted on the vintage Panerais such as the Panerai 6152 or Egiziano is the sewn in buckle with the correct engravement on the back. The engravement "GPF Mod Dep" stands for "G.Panerai & Figlio modèle depose" which basically means something we know today as "G.Panerai & son registered trademark." The buckle is sewn in and sits in a loop in front of the first keeper, which also sits in the same loop. What is also characteristic for the old vintage panerai straps is the "Triple Folding Technique" you see on the short piece of the strap. The side view shows a special folding technique with 3 layers of leather compared to two on the long piece. When the technique is done by an expert, you only have an extend of the thickness in the middle of the short piece and the three layers perfectly merge into one another.

Further details, such as yarn thickness, stitch length, stitching type and others are also done like their historic role models. This completes the perfect 1:1 remake of a vintage panerai strap.

Of course this strap can be ordered for any watch and with a screw in buckle to fit everybody`s personal idea of "his perfect strap" using this special material. We have different types of screw-in buckles in our stock to make you a straight cut strap for example in 24/24 for your 44 mm Panerai. However, you can order this strap also tapered in 24/22 or any other size for any watch brand. The strap will be online for sale soon and of course it`s limited to the leather we ge out of the old garment bag.

Enjoy the video!